An integral part of your home is your flooring. There are loads of choices like tiles, vinyl, concrete, marble, wood and even carpet. It really depends on how you are going to utilize your spaces and whether or not you are going to be capable of maintain it. Your options can make you feel overwhelmed and even confused at first but fret not, here are some tips on how to pick the right flooring for you.


Climate matters a great deal when it comes to flooring. In a tropical country such as our little red dot that has high temperature and humidity it’s no surprise that we tend to utilize vinyl and tiled flooring for most of our projects. After all vinyl flooring is well known for its likeness to wood while not absorbing moisture as quickly as real wood. Tiled flooring is another great example as they typically retain very little moisture and are great for messy spills as well.


Floors have to be maintained well according to their types. Take timber for instance, though versatile in appearance because it could fit rustic or luxe themes can be a pain in the butt to take care of as they may require touching up annually and if water marks or deep stains arise you’ll need to recoat the entire floor. Another example would be marble. Marble flooring can introduce a sense of grandeur unlike any others. However, bearing in mind that it is a natural stone it has high maintenance requirements as well as it is porous and can be stained, scratched or worn easily. You can counter this by hiring a stone restoration professional to restore its previous shine over the years.


Typically, our favourite part would involve colours. Your flooring should also most definitely match the design of the space it occupies. For instance, if your room is intended to utilize earthy tones and have wood décor. We could consider wood flooring or vinyl flooring to provide a perfect balance. Or if we want to highlight a certain area, we could even lay tiles with a pop of colour or pattern. Take peranakan styled tiles for instance, they can act as a beautiful focal or interest point when used right.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the right flooring always remember the three things that we’ve mentioned above. And if you have questions or are still feeling confused? Rest assured that us designers will provide our professional advice to ensure we choose the very right flooring for you.

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