What is laminate?

High-pressure laminate otherwise known as HPL is widely considered one of the most durable decorative surface materials and can even come with special properties like fire, chemical, wear, stain and fingerprint resistance.

They are typically produced by fusing multiple layers of resin-treated paper and a decorative sheet. The fusion happens thanks to high heat and pressure. The result being the hundreds of designs that enhance our carpentry in almost all of our projects.

We utilize them for cabinets, countertops and feature walls. The unlimited choices out there better equip us to perform our jobs as interior designers as we can more or less find the preferred texture, colour and grain for where we need.

And why laminate?

It’s extremely durable and some laminate even comes with before mentioned properties such as fingerprint resistance, stain resistance which is extremely practical for use in kitchens for example.

HPL’s are also extremely versatile and come in many different designs. Textures, grains and tones can differ greatly. Letting us utilize an unlimited array of designs for your lovely homes.

In other words, high-pressure laminates are one of our favourite materials to work with thanks to their durability and versatility. They allow us to create one of a kind homes that are both functional and beautiful. And we couldn’t be more appreciative of this amazing material for that!

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