Being interior designers, we witnessed our fair share of interior styles over the years. And here are a few that we foresee making waves for 2020.


Eclectic homes often create vibrant settings whilst keeping a grown-up allure. Unique statement pieces in the form of furniture or décor are a trademark of Eclectic Interiors. Think bold and diverse colour palates, patterns, textures that when fused together create a rich mix with various focal points in the home.


This beautiful style tends to mix different eras together to create unique spaces. For instance, using more traditional features such as wainscoting or Victorian styled wallpaper are typically utilized in combination with more modern fittings that may come in the form of furniture or lighting fixtures. This style is defined by striking a balance between being classic and modern with an edge.


Perfect if you’re one to embrace the true nature of our little red dot! The key is in bringing the outdoors back in when it comes to this versatile style. Elements such as natural wood, lighting and plants or plant prints (tropical plants of course) are pivotal in achieving this look. Once you’ve done that, you’re left with a bright, calming and cosy abode.


Ever present and nearing omnipotence in the world of interior styles would be the Scandinavian style. It’s a style that when done right is timeless and for that reason, it’s going to be a heavyweight in 2020! Scandinavian interior design emphasizes a clean and neat simplicity universal in appeal. Colour palates typical revolve around white, grey and various pastel shades that add a pop of colour and fun.

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