I would like to compliment that Cozyspace did an excellent job in designing our home. Steven offered great design ideas, and also took into consideration our preferences and requirements.

From the inception of the project to the handover, steven took extra effort to be on-site regularly to ensure the progress of the renovation went smoothly. He was also very responsive and responsible in providing updates. steven was able to conceptualise what I was looking for, and connected the dots to bring the vision into reality.

I would also like to thank steven's team of carpenters and electricians. The quality and workmanship of the carpentry and electrical works are reflective of skilled craftsmen who are passionate in what they do. Overall, the project was well-coordinated and was generally smooth. Steven was quick to attend to some minor fixes which were readily resolved.

Indeed, a good design can create a welcoming home that will accompany you for years. Thank you cozyspace for creating mine.

We shortlisted Cozyspace as one of the 2 - 3 firms we should talk to based on their positive reviews. We did more online research than face-to-face consultations during the shortlisting process as we were working on a tight timeline back then. Eventually, what made us decide on Cozyspace after speaking personally was the upfront breakdown of the quote (trust us, even other reputable IDs can have hidden costs which you wouldn’t know until you ask for proper documentation), affordable price without compromising on quality and workmanship, complete absence of hardselling, and their priority of both form AND function.

Consistent with reviews below, our renovation process was almost bump-free and my husband and myself had even gone on a long holiday without worry. They were patient when we often went through the dilemma of going with what my folks wanted (i.e. Geomancy advice) versus what we really wanted. By trying to achieve both, it would mean that we had a very small theme and colour scheme to play around with, but they did help us achieve all objectives while also ensuring that our house came out beautiful. We would also like to commend for rushing down to our home on a late Saturday night when our feature door got stuck and could not open. It has since been resolved with no issues even though they had to fix the mechanism late at night.

Thank you Cozyspace team. 🙂

We first came about cozyspace through facebook and after looking at their design work, we were sure they will be able to match our expectations.

We came to them with a blank canvas, almost nothing in mind except for some small idea of how we wanted our house to feel like. Steve was quick to suggest ideas to build up that small idea to something even bigger and even gave us some practical note on certain design aspect. (When you’re awed by so many different “wayang home” you want to do stuff that is not that practical for daily living.)

They also showed us many different choices of flooring/cabinet etc. And many different house concepts. Which pretty much overloaded our non-designer brains. So we jumped the gun and told them, lets hit the “suprise me” button.

As soon as work got on the way with just our so called “cosy themed”, everything was smooth. They were meticulous and very informative on the job being done. They were always 8 digits away, and very prompt on replies and quick to solve any doubts we encountered.

When we finally saw the end product, we were truely amazed by the work and design from them. From that small idea, they replicate and design our home not only to look good but practical as well.

Definitely no regrets and definitely recommended to everyone who wants a fuss free renovation.

When we first got the keys to our apartment in Sembawang, we were excited on how to model how we desired it to be.

As many others, we met up with alot of IDs and companies but felt that none understood what we were trying to achieve into our new home. It was an exhausting experience.

We then met Cozyspace interior and relayed what we had in mind. It was at this point when we personally felt someone understading our ideas / plans for our new home. They were able to put our ideas onto paper and gave sound advice on how to make it practical for everday living. They were able to share and improve onto our ideas!

We would like to personally thank you for being with us throughout this renovation journey and making our dream home a reality. Cozyspace were able to work on our ideas and with his experince, introduce practical living solutions to make our dream home even better than how we had imagined.

Thank you for being patient towards our demands, being understanding towards our needs and also replying our endless queries via texts/calls throughout the renovation process!

Above all, thank you Cozyspace for transforming it from a house into a home, our little piece of heaven. -Arif & Nadra

All the best in future!

We were looking at company who could deliver a European/Victorian.ish feel and found cozyspace on Facebook. I am glad we engaged them as our id. They are :

1. Not pushy at all
2. Practical suggestions
3. Will let us know if our idea doesn't work/ugly/very expensive and alternative suggestion will be offered.
4. Timely handover with no major hiccups
5. Prompt followups and updates via WhatsApp group
6. Great after sales service (we reported a few minor issues after moving in and it gotten resolved pretty quickly)
7. Price is acceptable

I will definitely recommend cozy space to clueless couple who isn't very artistic/cannot visualize like us. Thanks Steve 🙂

Our interior designer was Steve. Before we came to a decision, there were several other IDs that we have lined up. Somehow we felt that Steve really knows what we want and we feel connected thus the journey to our new home begin. We were extremely delighted and satisfied with the end product as it was exemplary. Good workmanship and no hiccups. Steve was always there to input some brilliant ideas that suits our design concept. Would not hesitate to recommend to any new home owners out there.

We were introduced to Cozyspace by our family member that admires their work on social media.. our ID, is easy to work with and guide us through out the renovation process. The house was ready earlier than expected/planned! Their workmanship and materials are excellent. Loving my kitchen so much! It was our first time having a house and doing renovation so i would say, it was a good and pleasant experience with Cozyspace. We would definitely recommend them to our families and friends!

Credit to Steve,

When I saw the 3D renderings of my home, I knew I chose the right ID… During this entire process I’ve really trusted Steve to create an amazing “Cozyspace” for our new home, so after receiving these life-like renderings, I knew he listens to the ideas that I have and Steve also gave feedback to improvise on the ideas!

He really nailed it with the materials, workmanship and our house had a balance of light and dark. Steve also manage to hand over the keys on time! Superb work! Will definitely recommend to our friends and family! ??

We saw Cozyspace's portfolio on their FB page, and generally, we preferred the look and feel that they have done so we approached without hesitation. Met ID at their small "shophouse" studio and he managed to click with us and we felt comfortable with them. They gave us sound advice on how to plan our spaces and we are very happy with what they helped us to achieve. Midway thru the renovation progress there were a few hiccups and we were concerned whether the whole reno can be completed on time, Nevertheless, they gave their best to push through with the stipulated timeframe that they promised us at the same time ensuring quality every step of the way. They definitely delivered what was promised.

A commendable job for our home renovation especially for our sexy blue kitchen and our island table. Cozyspace staff is a good-natured person, approachable and easy to speak with. They have been accommodative and flexible during the whole renovation process.

Overall Cozyspace has excellent designer who’s very committed and trustworthy, bringing Cozyspace's visions forward to his customers and to his final product.

I happened to work with Steve (ID) at Cozyspace when we are renovating our new place. I would highly recommend him as he is patient, provide us solution, give us new idea on our house design and prompt in replying whenever we throw him a question...

Throughout the whole process of the renovation, I do not need to worried about my renovation schedule and the quality of the work. Steve give us a weekly update on our renovation what was completed, what is going to installed in the next few days. It gives me a peace of mind and confidence to leave my renovation work and schedule to him without much worry.

Whenever there is some issue and hiccup on the renovation, Steve would update and advise us before he proceed with the rectified work. The rectified work was done quick and we were never once behind the schedule timeline. We still manage to complete our renovation within the given timeline.

We are a very happy customer on the service that Cozyspace (Steve) provided on the professional services and good quality workmanship in my home! I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate Cozyspace and Steve for the work and effort in making my beautiful comfortable home a place to live in! Kudos to the team!! Well done!! ?


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